Image of Desert Storm Loop

Desert Storm

Test your senses and courage as you challenge the excitement of the vertical drops, spins, and flips of the awesome Desert Storm Roller Coaster.

Height Requirement:  42 inches



An immersive VR experience combining exclusively-made electronic dance music, precisely handcrafted levels & visually appealing virtual worlds. Slash the beat here at Castles N Coasters!


Image of the Arcade


With more than 10,000 square feet of arcade space spanning 3 levels and more then 150 games from classic pinball, to the latest and greatest.  Castles~n~Coasters also gives you the best bang for your buck at our prize counter. There is fun for everyone!

XD Dark Ride

XD Dark Ride 

The best interactive experience in the valley.  A rich, multi-sensory interactive attraction that uses cutting edge technology and special effects to ensure a superior guest experience. Group play, real-time 3D graphics and individual scoring systems create unique, competitive dynamics. 

Score better than your friends fighting off zombies or monsters at our XD Dark Ride located in the southwest corner of the arcade.

*minimum height: 36 inches

*maximum weight 350 pounds


Go Karts

Go Karts

Challenge drivers through a quarter mile of banks and hair pin turns on our Go Kart Racers Track while the Desert Storm Roller Coaster dives and spins directly overhead.

Height Requirements:  40 inches. Must be accompanied by 56 inches or taller driver. 


Stranger Stuff Fun House

Take a stroll through another dimension.  This action packed fun house will take you through the strange and bazaar.

Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats

Test your bumping, and splashing others as you dodge the oncoming boats and waves on the Bumper Boats.

Height Requirements:  40 inches.  Must be accompanied by 44 inches or taller driver.

Kids on Free Fall

Free Fall

This extreme ride takes you to the top and drops you as if the ride has released you from it's grips.  

Height Requirement:  42 inches

Woman riding the carousel


Enjoy one of the most spectacular and beautiful carousels of our time.  Featuring 60 hand painted horses and circus animals carrying you away into a whimsical world of old fashioned splendor. 

Height Requirement:  42 inches

Flying Bugs and Spinning Tops perfect for the toddlers.

Flying Bugs~n~Spinning tops

Treat youngsters to the fun and excitement of these rides designed for those too young to enjoy some of the more extreme rides.  Flying bugs and Spinning Tops are sure to tickle their funny bone.  

Height Requirement:  32 inches

Height Maximum: 52 inches

2 girls riding Dixie Junior Wheel

Junior Dixie Wheel

This miniature version of a Ferris Wheel is sure to bring a smile to the littlest guests at our amusement park.  The Dixie Jr. Wheel is small and secure enough that children can ride on their own without an adult on board.

Height Requirement:  32 inches

Height Maximum: 52 inches

2 girls on the drop of Splashdown.


Experiencing the cool and exciting refreshment of a log ride mixed with the enchantment of a Logging Town.  Splash Down Falls, African Elephants and a Pirate Ship.  Beware to onlookers, you might get a blast from the water canon.

Height Requirement:  36 inches.  Must be accompanied by 48 inches or taller to ride.

Sea Dragon at night

Sea Dragon 

Feel the motion of the high seas.  Hold on to the bar and your companion as you challenge the rising and falling motions of the exciting Viking Sea Dragon. 

Height Requirement:  40 inches.  Must be accompanied by 48 inches or taller rider.  

Entrance of Ram Rods our version of bumper cars.

Ram Rods

Get ready to bash~em, crash~em, and smash~em as you get behind the wheel of the electrifying Ram Rods.

Height Requirement:  40 inches.  Must be accompanied by 50 inches or taller rider. 

2 girls riding Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

Mystical fun for young and old.  As you spin through magical settings of Aladdin's Castle.  Hold onto your seat and your partner on this thrilling fun ride.  

Height Requirements:  48 inches

The top of our Sky Divers Ride


This attraction will take you to extreme hieghts then drop you without warning, 120 feet to earth.  If exreme excitment is what you are looking for, then The Sky Divers is sure to give you the sensation of free falling as you dive back to the platform.

Height Requirement:  48 inches

A group of girls riding the Patriot


This exciting and challenging roller coaster is designed to thrill riders of all ages.  Whether you're an avid coaster expert or a timid first time rider, we know you'll enjoy the fun and excitment of our Patriot Roller Coaster.  

Height Requirement:  36 inches.  Must be accompanied by 42 inches rider.  

Our mini golf castles at night.

Miniature Golf

Featuring four of the world's finest 18 hole minature golf courses.  Each course offers fun, excitment and challenges as you play your way through lush landscapes, fountains, and world famous landmarks.

3 people on the ropes challenge

On the Ropes Challenge

This elevated, 3 story, obstacle course will test your balance, skills, and courage!  Challenge your family, friends, and co-workers as you scale this 28 element ropes course!!

  • No Flip Flops (must be a secured shoe, or have a back strap)

  • Maximum 300 lbs

Height Requirement:  46 inches.  Must be accompanied by 48 inches or taller participant.

A man enjoying the zip line attraction.

sky wire

An exciting Zip-line activity that takes you over our lush, world, famous, miniature golf courses.  Get ready to fly as you soar from tower to tower!!

  • No Flip Flops (must be a secured shoe, or have a back strap)

  • Minimum 60 lbs

  • Maximum 300 lbs

Height Requirement: 46 inches.  Must be accompanied by 48 inches or taller participant.