Castles~n~Coasters has everything to offer from nachos, to hamburgers & hot dogs, to tacos YUMMY!  Who doesn't love tacos?  Check out all the new treats we have to offer at the park!

Kings Re-Treat, Grill N' Stuff

King's Re-Treat


Grill~N~Stuff has all your classic American foods fit for a king!  Click below to see the full menu!

Tacos N' Stuff


Having a taco craving?  Don't worry we've got you covered.  Tacos aren't just for Tuesdays at Castles N' Coasters.  Click below to see the full Menu!

Waffles N' Stuff


It's always the right time for waffles.  Need a nice refreshing treat?  Who can say no to ice cream?  Come see all the yummy treats at Waffles~N~Stuff!

Castles Cafe

Castles Cafe

Need a little break from the heat, and satisfy a craving.  Come hang out with us at Castles Cafe.  Then enjoy an arcade game or two or three!