Other Policies

 Rain Policy

With Rain it will be decided by a manager whether or not we close the rides for the day. If it only rains for a few minutes we will shut the rides off, and re-open when dry. If we chose to close for the rest of the day a 50% off next time you come rain pass will be offered. If it’s is within the hour it will be a pass to come back, or possible refund.


Power Outage Policy

We will offer a 50% off pass for the next time they come back.


**We require all wristbands and reciepts for Rain/Power Outage policy. All refunds/ passes must be handled the day of occurrence. We reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone if deemed necessary.

Food Policy

We do not allow any outside food or drink into the park. The only exception is one water bottle per person. CamelBaks, etc. allowed. No coolers allowed. We can make exceptions for dietary needs if pre-approved and determined by a manager. Cakes allowed for Birthday Parties. Our food policies are determined by OSHA.

Pet Policy

We only allow pets if pre-approved and determined by a manager. We allow any Service animal into the park unless decided by management elsewise.